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    • A number of 這個跟many和some差別?

      ... of) several. 4 a single issue of a magazine. 5 a song, dance, or other musical item. 6 informal an item of clothing of a particular type, regarded with approval...

    • 有關 歌舞青春 小說

      背景是紅色舞台 有6個人跳起來的那是第一級的~ 這一本對八~ 如果你買的是這種的話就有中音對照喔~ 希望幫到你

    • 有人能夠幫忙把自傳翻成英文嗎

      ... have chosen the harmonica society especially, The hope can many study item of others not be able musical instrument, Enable it to become my characteristic . (接下去) 2007-01-13...