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  1. my hat

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    • 請問keep (st)under my hat?

      Sometimes I would keep the fact that I was at university under my hat, so as to work as a housekeeper.有時候,我會保密真相,那些我在大學時的秘密,例如當女管家工作。 keep (something) under (someone’s) hat 是「保守秘密」的意思。

    • 英文專業文法問題

      ...下: 以下句子錯在哪? 1.This is my hat and that is my brother's one. 這...我想要做幾個修正: 在This is my hat and that one is my brother's. 一...

    • 請問edge-to-edge是什麼意思?

      I tip my hat to this dude for how he did to this word. But somehow, I feel that... dude also wanted a TW translation for “but”.However, I think Master Citron’s question, for beingspecific enough, deserves...