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  1. my way or the highway

    • ph.
      said to assert the view that there is no alternative (apart from leaving) but to accept the speaker's opinions or policies
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    • 短文>英翻中

      八德水冷卻器閒話或擺脫僱員的慢性晚。她說,她發現她的新角色將十分艱鉅。 “起初我像一台推土機大家敲了,這是不是也受到了好評。我說, '這是我的方式或公路。是忘了,我的朋友們也轉型。 ''她承認,這種風格疏遠只是每個人都與她的工作。 羅布...

    • Why ”parallel ” is an Adj ?

      ...each other. (from the above examples, road vs. main road, river vs. main street, highway vs. railroad). Since "parallel" is describing the noun (the road, river, etc.), it's considered as an adjective.

    • 請問英文歌曲的歌詞

      ...fool To want to pass that way again But i could feel it On a country...don't know nothing 'bout the why or when But i can tell road Take to the highway won't you lend me...