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  1. named

    • name的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • Middle Name

      .... Martin John Smith Martin first name John middle name Smith last name (family name, surname) 通常都會稱呼...

    • choosing a name

      ... a joke with a meaning for prostitute, theyare definitely wrong. The name “Scarlett” was of Old French meaning...

    • Name the +名詞?

      (1)Name the people you see in the park.=說出你現在在公園裡所看到那些人是誰。 (2)Name... you see in the picture. =說出 你在這張照片裡所看到東西是什麼為何Name the 後面的thing要加s? 因為有好幾樣東西,是複數。 (3) We have fun every...