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  1. nanny state


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    • 有誰能聽出這英文聽力測驗的內容?...20點

      ...take care of the children but in the United states, more than fifty percent of all family pay for child care, they...of the children and some families hire- a nanny. A nanny usually lives with a family and ...

    • 跪求 請翻英文 不要翻譯網

      ...afraid of losing you. Look at your State, always care about, including your physical condition... very relaxed, we can at least focus for nanny exam, thank you ^ ^ Looking forward to you in ...

    • 請各位英文達人幫我把回答翻成英文吧…(10點)

      我認為母親要外出工作,最好是等到小孩上了小學後比較洽當,因為學齡年前的小孩,總是需要家長細心的照顧,未來與小孩的溝通,才不會發生問題… I think that mother has to go work outdoor,it is more better and appropriate when the children attend to elementary...