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  1. nap

    • IPA[nap]


    • n.
      a card game resembling whist in which players declare the number of tricks they expect to take, up to five.
    • noun: nap

  2. 知識+

    • 英文nap我英文作業

      A:午睡 n. 1. 打盹兒,午睡 造句:She took a nap every afternoon. 她每天下午小睡一會兒。 vi. 1. 打盹,小睡 造句:The old...

    • take a nap&fall asleep的差別

      take a nap 是小瞇一下, 小睡一下 fall asleep 是睡著了 Can we discuss this later? I'm going to take a nap first. 我們可以等一下再討論嗎? 我想先小睡一下. He fell...

    • 關於 NAP, DK, NA 簡寫的全名是啥

      NAP:Not Appropriate DK:Don't Know NA:Not Answered 在下面這篇文章內看到縮寫的意思: