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    • 急...Take Naplets.是什麼意思

      ...遊戲 (Play on Words),因為Naplets的字首是nap,所以Take Naplets 就等於 take a nap (打瞌睡)了,後來,在網路聊天時,就用Take Naplets 代表「不談了,我要去休息了!」 像這種...

    • 關於unveiled及while的字詞取代的問題

      ...或 disclosed。 至於句中的 while 能否使用 when 或 as 來替代也要經過同樣的考量:該字在句中表達的是什麼意思? While 有很多意思,以下自 擷取一部份: Main Entry: 2while Function: conjunction Date: 12th century 1 a: during the time that <take a nap while I'm out> b: as long as <while there's life there...

    • 幫我檢查文法跟句子是否通順.....謝謝!!

      ...while I was still in high school, English class used to be when I took naps. But now, I turned over a new leaf already! Why? <---- 中文是什麼意思...