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  1. narrow

    • IPA[ˈnærəʊ]



    • adj.
      狹窄的; 瞇起;有限的; 狹義的; 狹隘的
    • vi.
      變窄;縮小; 減少
    • vt.
      使…變窄;縮小; 減少; 限定
    • npl.
      海峽; 峽谷
    • 過去式:narrowed 過去分詞:narrowed 現在分詞:narrowing

    • 比較級:narrower 最高級:narrowest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 狹窄的; 瞇起 to grow or become narrow 變窄 he has narrow shoulders or is narrow across the shoulders 他肩很窄
    • 2. 有限的; 狹義的; 狹隘的 to lead a narrow existence 過單調的生活 she's very narrow in her views 她的觀點非常狹隘
    • 3. 差距小的; 微小的; 微弱的 to win a narrow victory or a victory by a narrow margin 險勝 to suffer a narrow defeat 惜敗
    • 4. 緊身的
    • 5. 緊缺的
    • 6. 窄的


    • 1. 變窄
    • 2. 縮小; 減少 the gap between the two parties has narrowed to 5% 兩黨的差距縮小到5%
    • 3. 變得狹隘
    • 4. 瞇起 his eyes narrowed to ominous slits 他的雙眼邪惡地瞇成了縫


    • 1. 使…變窄 to narrow sth. to sth. 把某物變窄為某物
    • 2. 縮小; 減少; 限定 they narrowed the focus of their investigation to two individuals 他們把調查的重點集中到兩個人身上 the police have narrowed the search to these three towns 警方把搜查範圍縮小到了這三個鎮
    • 3. 使…變得狹隘 bad experiences have narrowed her trust in other people 不愉快的經歷使她不大相信別人了
    • 4. 瞇起
    • 5. 收緊


    • 1. 海峽; 峽谷


    1. of small width in relation to length

    2. limited in extent, amount, or scope

    3. precise or strict in meaning

    4. (especially of a victory, defeat, or escape) with only a small margin; barely achieved


    「1. of small width in relation to length」的反義字

    「2. limited in extent, amount, or scope」的反義字