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  1. national debt


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    • the gross national debt

      ...percentage by not knowing the denominator in the equation. In addition original gross debt wasn't explained the shares between the public and the private ...

    • 緊急 英文翻譯 請幫忙翻譯

      ...for the ex ante reporting by Member States of their national debt issuance plans. 將建立一個機制保證各成員發放政府債券前,先向歐盟報告...

    • 英文解釋a national sales tax

      ...他希望多收一點稅,來減少政府的負債。於是,他提出「全國性營業稅」(a national sales tax)這個想法。 美國聯邦政府目前並未向個人徵收營業稅,只向...