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  1. nations

    • nation的名詞複數
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    • 關於nation的解釋(涉及到一點歷史)

      definition of nation/ Nation A part, or division, of the people of the earth, distinguished...government of their own. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nations and Nation-States (exerpted form


      Nation 國家, 國民 (是指一群人所組成) Nation State 民族國家 (國家... smaller country than America ) 2008-01-12 20:59:46 補充: Nation通常用在指"全國", 國家級

    • 有人知道first nation這個詞的涵義麼

      first nation = 原住民民族 (nation 在此指「民族」的意思)" First nation " 並非...: First Nation has gained wide...