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  1. native-born

    • KK[ˋnetɪvˋbɔrn]
    • DJ[ˋneitivˋbɔ:n]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • indigenous 跟 native-born差在哪?

      ...問題 indigenous: 在A國生, 而且他的祖先也在A國生..就像土著那樣.. native born: 只是在A國生, 他的爸媽可以是中國日本韓國法國等.. 整句的翻譯: 不論...

    • 請問一下這段英文是什麼意ㄙ啊?

      ... foreigners, new immigration laws are even forcing native-born Danes into exile in neighboring Sweden. 事實上,,完全...

    • have 原形動詞用法?

      ...that my homestay family (sho uld) have both a mother and a father, (should) be native-born, non-sm oking,middle-class British people,and (should) live near a subway stat...