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  1. natural gas power plant

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    • 1. 天然氣發電廠 Though much cleaner, natural gas power plants are also much more expensive. 雖然較為清潔,但天然氣發電廠卻較為昂貴。
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      ... the major sources such as coal, oil and natural gas formed millions of years ago...which can be harmful to animals. But plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from ...

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      ...039;s use of hydro, coal, oil, gas, nuclear energy, wind power, and, , such as electricity generation... and the lack of natural energy, and more actively develop nuclear...environment? Nuclear power plant is a very clean power plant...

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      ...hydropower, / , the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational...of operating a hydroelectric plant is . nearly immune to ...fossil fuels . such as oil, natural gas or coal, and no imports...