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  1. natural language understanding


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    • 跪求:大師短句---英翻中(來自:字彙與閱讀P.43)

      ... languages, while others say that it is simply the natural evolution of languages to continually develop, change, and die off, just like species of plants...

    • 請幫我修改一下我的英文心得

      ...find a person she truly love as her boyfriend. She also find a friend who understand her own language,Ron, slowly communicate using hands and lips, ignore your natural disease: deafness, how joyful is that ? I have a pretty good impression for...

    • 英文中常犯錯的句型

      ...the best example that western languages are wrong. the rear when it is not natural for Chinese to do so... not easily spoken or understood in Chinese ..The...