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  1. naval base

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    • 幫我翻譯這篇文章成英文

      ... Imperial Navy to the United States naval base in Pearl Harbor, an undeclared war in the Pacific, while in...

    • station 可以用來指飛機場的航站嗎?

      ...機場 airport airfield airstrip 我國航空站也說 air station 空軍基地 air force base (AFB) 海軍航空站 navy(naval) air station 陸軍航空站 army air station (海軍)陸戰隊航空站 marine air station 若...

    • 超難英文翻譯,急徵高手,20點奉上

      ...rsquo;s breath and blood and is the pivot of whole body’s vigor. The naval is the terminal of all nerves and blood vessels and plays the rule as the congenital base and the acquired cultivation of being. The fetus receives...