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    • 【英文高手請進~~句子合併】

      ... able to hear the slight rustle of a mouse, an owl can home in on the rustle that the sound is inaudible to the human... magnetic field and it enables them to navigate at great distances from their hive. 3...

    • 急急急!自傳翻譯~拜託!明天就要用了

      ...and learning hard, but also passing the test for first-class navigating officer(航海人員一等船副特考). I have completed lots of...

    • 淡大研所…幾題英文選擇題~煩請解答~20點

      1. 答案是 (D)of 還有是reminiscent喔不是reminscent reminiscent of 是使人 "想起 / 令人聯想到" 的意思 2. 答案是turned 你可能打錯了 (C)和(D)都打成tuned have 是使役動詞 後面的動詞要用原形 但是 是你轉頭 也就是頭"被"你轉 要用被動式 所以這裡才會變成 have...