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    • 將近,幾乎,差不多
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    • 英文文法中文意思 Nearly Barely?

      nearly = 幾乎 / 差點 barely = 僅是 / 只是 => 幾乎不 ★ [ "barely" 只是 暗示...quot; ] eg. Tom barely passed in this examination. He has nearly failed.  ≡ 這次考試, Tom (只是) 僅僅 合格,他 幾乎 不合格...

    • hardly與nearly

      ...題, 否則便是命題失誤. A.hardly 幾乎不 B.nearly 幾乎 The sun was so bright that I could...2,070,000項結果. 2012-12-20 15:52:03 補充: 用"can nearly see anything"帶引號搜尋, 也有約12,300項結果. 2012-12...

    • almost和nearly的幾乎差別何在?

      almost和nearly的幾乎差別何在? 可否舉個例子呢? 謝謝! 事實上, 這二個字通常可以互換: He was almostkilled by a car. He was nearly killed by a car. 但 almost 可與 nobody, nothing, nowhere, never 連用, nearly...