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  1. necessary evil

    • ph.
      不可避免的災難, 非忍受不可的災難
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    • 1. 不可避免的災難, 非忍受不可的災難 The loss of jobs is regarded by some as a necessary evil in the fight against inflation. 有些人認為要遏止通貨膨脹就難免有人得失業。
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    • 請幫忙修改一下文法, 非常急!!

      Fast food had become a necessary evil these days because people often find themselves in a situation when that fast...

    • never say never 這是個片語嗎??

      ...文法層面上也許不算 oxymoron,但道理是相通的,例如有人說戰爭或武器是一種 necessary evil 我覺得也挺矛盾的,但又不無道理。

    • 《英文翻譯》抱怨信第四封

      ...society councilor, or the front desk might even call for the police, which,however, could be a necessary evil . Therefore, we hope that you could behave yourself whenever and wherever...