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  1. necessity

    • KK[nəˋsɛsətɪ]
    • DJ[niˋsesiti]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:necessities

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • n.
    • 1. 需要,必要性[U][S1][(+of/for)]

      She felt the necessity of accepting the invitation. 她感到必須接受這一邀請。

    • 2. 必需品[C][(+of/for)]

      Television is considered a necessity by a lot of people. 許多人認為電視是一件生活必需品。

    • 3. 必然(性)[U][S1]

      Night follows day as a necessity. 白天過去,夜幕降臨,這是必然的。

    • 4. 貧窮;困難[U]

      This family is in great necessity. 這戶人家窮困到極點。


    n. 需要,必要性

    n. 必需品,要素

    n. 不可避免的事,必然發生的事,確信,必然性,確實性

    n. 貧困,貧窮


    「n. 必然(性);困難」的反義字

  2. 知識+

    • necessity不用加a or an嗎

      給您參考: The family is in great necessity. 這家庭很窮 Necessity當’窮困’解釋時是不可數。當’必需品...

    • the necessity of consideration

      The English rule that consideration is necessary for a valid simple contract is unnecessary and undesirable. 英國 法中 "有效的 簡約需要 合情合理” 是不必要 也不應有的. If French and Germany law can get on perfectly well without it, there...

    • 中級英文文法問題

      There is no necessity for you to consult with him 在文法觀念上for you為何會擺在此位置?? for consult with him. 是否等於To consult with him is no necessity for you. 文法上There不可作為虛主詞, 所以不全等 不過意思上是一樣...