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    • 脖子,衣領,頸擁抱,擁吻,收縮割頸
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    • meaning of ”neck-and-nec”

      賽馬時,馬匹跑在一起,馬頭攢動,難分上下,是「neck to neck」的由來。後來,一般引用為競爭狀態下,「不相上下...兩者意思一樣,也常混用。 2006-11-08 01:07:41 補充: neck to neck 以及 neck and neck... TYPO all the time, fat...

    • I \'m a pain in the neck.

      a pain in the neck 簡單的翻 就是 煩 的意思 可以形容人或事情 Source:

    • get down someone's neck的意思

      版主看到的應是breathe down someone's neck 1. Pursue someone closely; pose a threat to one, as in The從上可看"'breathe down someone's neck" 就是"把某人盯得緊緊的" 想像你被人監視,緊追不捨,管得嚴嚴...