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    • 脖子,衣領,頸擁抱,擁吻,收縮割頸
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    • get down someone's neck的意思

      版主看到的應是breathe down someone's neck 1. Pursue someone closely; pose a threat to one, as in The從上可看"'breathe down someone's neck" 就是"把某人盯得緊緊的" 想像你被人監視,緊追不捨,管得嚴嚴...

    • 什麼是neck of the woods?

      neck of the woods, 英文諺語,附近的意思。 please come visit us when you are in the neck of the woods. 如果你在附近的話,請到我家裡坐坐。

    • 問個英文,by the scruff of the neck

      1.) take (grab) someone by the scruff of the neck --- 抓住某人頸背, 小說經常出現用語, 有兩種解釋, a.) 抓住... to take her as you take a cat, by the scruff of the neck--" --- Wilkie Collins, "Man and...