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    • 請幫忙我寫英文作業(超急

      ...高級用法 (D) 2. A giraffe is an animal that has a long neck. 3. Chocolate ice cream is the food I love most. 4. Peter and the pig that live on the...

    • 英文翻譯 可以告訴我這句是什麼意思嗎?

      原文: Taiwan:a "eyes-eating-ice cream" country,my neck already start aching after six days,the MEI MEI over here...

    • 翻譯化妝品說明內容

      標題是 seaweed 海藻 shine control 油光(油份) 控制 moisture cream 保濕乳液 normal/oily skin 普通/油性肌膚 介紹 This...礦物質 使用方法 Masage onto your face and neck after using Seaweed Purifying ...