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  1. neck roll

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    • 一段醫學英文請幫忙翻譯~有關SLEEPING~20點

      ... to sleeping with your head suspended. Putting a rolled towel or pillowcase between your head and the back of your neck (when on your back) or next to your cheek (when on your side) will...

    • 英文一篇(請大家幫忙!!!)tenses

      ... as stiff as cement. She can`t even__roll__(roll)off her back without help. Everything ...___(lift)her up with its head and neck. "Having Bear around__gives____(give...

    • 英文演講稿~my favorite animal

      ..., He will lean his head on my shoulder and lip my neck. Then, he will leave my hands, wag his tail, roll on the floor from the right to the left, from the left to the right. Once...