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  1. necromancer

    • IPA[ˈnekrəʊmænsə(r)]



    • n.
    • 名詞複數:necromancers

  2. 知識+

    • He was the first and most..??

      ...最忠誠的追隨者.He helped lead the coup which brought the arch-necromancer to power, and he was the first, after his lord, to imbibe the...

    • shall drown in ..??

      ... this end, he has scoured the globein search of the Great Necromancer’s enchanted items, for a fraction of hisevil will still resides...

    • 翻譯一篇英文文章 跟恐怖小說血魔有關!!

      LORD TERON GOREFIEND 六千年前,惡魔般的Sin’Vraal王的黑暗軍隊大肆劫掠農莊以作消遣,被殺的人不計其數。其中一個犧牲者是Elysia, 武士Penroll的未婚妻。Penroll決心要復仇。他用魔法讓他心愛的人的身體...