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  1. needs

    • KK[ˋnidz]
    • DJ[ˋni:dz]


    • adv.
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    • needed..........

      A local businessman has put up the $ 500000 needed to save the football club. =A local business man has put up the $500,000...

    • need solution

      ...12 2014-10-25 02:36:04 補充: If the result of the multiplication doesn't need to have digit 3 in it, then master DarkHelmet is correct. If...

    • 英文Need to be 用法

      need to + 原形動詞」 是表示「須要做某件事」,文法上稱為 need 後面加不定詞。因為是要加原形動詞,所以 be 動詞...除非在特殊情形,例如要求、命令、假設: You need to be here. 這是普通情形,你得要來。 You...