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    negotiate about

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    • 誰可以幫我英翻中!!關於國外買家的問題

      ...tell me how much you would like to spend on this product? Maybe we can negotiate about it if you'd like. 但是可不可以告訴我你打算花多少錢買這樣東西呢? 如果...

    • 商用英文 協商價格

      ...協助與XXX商談付款條件的問題 Thank you for your assistance in negotiating with XXX about payment conditions. 我們能了解XXX公司的規定 We understand...

    • 請幫我檢查這段翻譯的英文段落 謝謝 很急迫

      Excepting this, if the outward appearance can’t be defined, we will usually lay down it as Golden sample for definition. 這句開頭的Excepting this,用得很不像英文;因不知版大用意何在,如不損原意,能不用就不用。 國貿實務裏有prototype sample, counter sample 等...