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    • 麻煩各位高手幫我訂正我的菜英文!!

      題目是:How to negotiate with seller: Most people do not know how to negotiate when they purchase something... offer, do not feel frustrated, tell him you have a friend with the same wallet but brought at a lower price. In addition you will...

    • 關於would的常用使用方法

      ...過早飯了。 2015-07-15 10:09:03 補充: I have been sent to negotiate with you. =我曾經被派去跟你協商。 這是我發生在過去的經驗,動詞用現在完成式...

    • 請幫忙翻譯以下文章, 關於開信用狀的

      ... along with original documents. Pls confirm this matter by return for negotiating with our associate packer. 貴公司開發信用狀時,請在信用狀加上一個條款,就是...