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  1. net worth

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 淨值,資本淨值 After the stock market crash, nobody knows the net worth of this company. 股市崩盤之後,誰也不知道這家公司的淨值剩下多少。
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    • Net worth = 璞玉?

      ...翻譯者本身額外另加的解釋,因為如果你有看那個節目的話,高中隊之所以會用"net worth(淨值)"來做他們隊名,是因為他們沒有唸大學,較早出社會,所以跟大學隊相對...

    • Owner's equity??

      淨 資 產 (淨值 net worth): Total assets minus total liabilities of an individual or company...

    • 麻煩把這段中文翻成英文(不要翻譯軟體)

      ...powerful endowment policy of value is along with the investment that it link of the net worth of mutual fund and change.If mutual fund is stock type fund, in the bull...