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  1. nettling

    • nettle的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 翻譯Jennifer Nettles-Falling中文歌詞

      幫你翻一二三五段(其他請自行類推) I stood out on the road 我站在路中 and I watched as you were leaving. 望你離去背影 The leaves were dancing oranges and reds 秋風舞著落葉繽紛 and they...

    • 請問這個單字的意思”urtical”

      Ur´tic`al a. 1. Resembling nettles; - said of several natural orders allied to urticaceous plants 類似蕁麻類的植物,與 hop蛇麻草, elm榆樹, mulberry桑科植物,fig無花果相關。

    • 英文 五句英翻中疑問

      ... the problem for too long and I think it's time to grasp the nettle. 我已將問題擱置很久了,現在是處理這棘手問題的時候了。 4) He ...