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  1. neutral country

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    • Carbon Neutral 急 英翻中 贈20點

      讓旅客買碳抵銷的兩者今年捲出了新的計畫的 Expedia 和 Travelocity。 (Expedia 和 Travelocity 今年兩者都捲出了新的計畫哪一讓旅客買碳抵銷。) 經過 Expedia 和它的合夥人 TerraPass 買抵銷的旅客,一網路的為-在...

    • 關代放動詞後面??

      ...already said to be in the planning stages to ensure that the country doesn't have to rely on fossil fuels in the future. 這裡的 that 並不...

    • 請問trigger這個動詞只能用來搭配負面的意涵嗎?

      Trigger is neutral. The problem of your sentence is that the...蓬勃發展。 Recently as the economy of ASEAN countries flourishes, their clothing ...