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  1. never ... before

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    • 1. 以前未曾... I've never camped at the beach before. 我以前從未在海灘露營。
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    • 請問 Like never before As never before 怎麼翻譯 謝謝?

      Like never before = as never before = 從未如此,意即目前比以前更 Q1. What does...ever trusted you. Q2. What does "Seen as never before" mean? A2. It means you are seeing something...

    • like never before

      In the age of globalization the international matchmaking industry still known in many circles as the mail-order-bride trade is thriving like never before. 許多圈子仍稱為郵購新娘的國際婚介行業, 在全球化的年代裡,從未像目前這般地蓬勃。

    • 一句英文,before前後位置的問題

      ...a piece that he had never before written 是可以的,但比較少用 -- 它用來強調以往從未 文法書說不對... have never before felt so welcome." 例2: "And you have never before asked me where I was going when I left the...