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  1. never even

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    • 1. 連...也不 He never even tasted the soup. 那湯他連嚐也沒嚐一下。
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    • even though的用法

      ...位於句中要不要逗點,端看語氣是否有轉折,沒有定論。例句如下: He never apologizes, even though he knows that he is in the wrong. 他從不道歉, 即使他自知...

    • 幫我翻譯這篇Never Again The Same

      ...and those little transparent fish 而那些閃閃的淚光如同正在暢游的小魚們, who have never seen even one ray of light. 是從未出現在眼中的光芒。 And the calm that returned...

    • 關於聖誕節的英文

      2:42 But I'll never even get to see them 3:17 polly pony glamour ranch 對嗎?(yes its correct...