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    never go anywhere

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    • 英文問題+腦筋急轉彎

      TIME Time flies when you have a good time 2008-05-24 22:58:31 補充: 喔, 沒看到還要翻譯. 翻譯: 有什麼是每天在你身邊飛但從不飛到哪去. 這個題目翻成中文不會讓你更了解

    • 我想請各位知識家幫我填完這些英文的空格(20點)

      ...dont understand. I quite like it! We can get to know each other. I never go anywhere. I will never give up. I wanted to go. Thats no fun...

    • 5篇英文閱讀測驗

      ...with her uncle.He did not trust Cindy at all.He never let her do anythiing or go anywhere.One day Cindy got in big trouble.Her uncle found...