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    • 1. 毫不(更...) For all my advice she was never the wiser. 雖然我全力指點, 她還是一竅不通。
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    • 幫我翻譯這篇Never Again The Same

      Never Again The Same   “恍若隔世” ...淚光如同正在暢游的小魚們, who have never seen even one ray of light. 是從未出現在眼中的光芒。 And the calm that returned to us...

    • Never was the same arou...的意思?

      Never was the same around here without you. 這兒沒有你的時候,就是不一樣。

    • Twelves of never是什麼意思來自一首歌,The Twelfth of neverthe twelfth of May就是五月十二日,the twelfth of never,就是...