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  1. new criticism


    • adj.
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    • 哪個英文好的 能幫我翻譯一下??

      ...feel frustrated when people critieize you, 當人們批評你的時候不要感到沮喪 criticisms give you a brand new perspective to examine yourself. 有了批評你才會重新檢視你自己 Seize...

    • 中英翻譯 中文翻英文

      ... States of undermining global security and provoking a new arms race, and criticism about the eastward expansion of the threat of North Russia security. ...

    • 關於as的用法 多益題目?

      ... announcement was unexpected, as the musical received harsh criticism from renowned musical theater critic Jeffrey O'pry... Advanced Learner's Dictionary (new edition 2003)