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  1. newcomer

    • IPA[ˈn(y)o͞oˌkəmər]


    • n.
      a person or thing that has recently arrived in a place or joined a group;a novice in a particular activity or situation
    • noun: newcomer, plural noun: newcomers

    • 釋義


  2. 知識+

    • 拜託英文翻義高手幫忙翻譯(20點)

      ... the development of mechanisms that speed up the integration of newcomers and ease the departure of old-time residents(Fellin&Litwak...

    • 請英語達人幫忙翻譯以下幾句

      Morning everyone, i'm XXX, the newcomer Instructions and guidance are always welcome. (外國人很少說類似這樣...

    • 新人的英文怎麼拼??

      ...freshman是指大一新生,或者是剛入國會的議員。 比較妥當的用法,應該說是"newcomer"(新來的)。 參考看看囉。如果還有其他問題,也歡迎隨時補充囉。祝您...