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  1. next to nothing


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    • 1. 幾乎沒有 She ate next to nothing at dinner. 晚飯時她幾乎什麼也沒吃。
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    • next to當”僅次於”的解釋問題

      ...比較不常用 另一個意思是 當作 幾乎解喔 She has eaten next to nothing. 她幾乎什麼也沒吃。 希望有幫到妳的忙喔 2007-11-05 17:44:51 補充...

    • 兩句英文翻譯,請英文高手幫忙了

      ... are not an issue anymore and travel expenses are next to nothing. 這句理頭的not an issue 是什麼意思啊! not an issue : 不成問題 next to nothing...

    • 在幫我看看文章>”

      ... to financing problems, one week Megahertz could have next to nothing in the bank; the next it might have 300000. 由於財務上困難, 這個星期兆赫在銀行...