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    • 步沖輪廓法
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    • 請問幾個英文名辭

      --nibble tactic is a negotiating strategy which negotiator has an ultimate... negotiating price little by little, i.e., taking a "nibble" at a time (nibble=tiny little portion of a whole) -- negotiation counterpart is...

    • 幫忙一下英文造句5個!!!!!!!!!!!!(急)勿抄字典

      ...wriggle agilely like a worm. 3. My dad gave me an animal cracker to nibble on. 4. I dropped my saltshaker and broke it to a thousand...

    • 中翻英:痛苦、痛悲、痛心、痛恨、痛失各詞 is but a path blurredly forbidden; Nibbling, the bitter; knawing, the sorrow; drilling, the hurt...的字。我要用的字是「gnaw」。 所以第三句應是: Nibbling, the bitter; gnawing, the sorrow; drilling...