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    • 1. 乾淨俐落 I hope that you can look nice and neat when you give the lecture tomorrow. 我希望明天你演講時,可以看起來乾淨俐落。
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    • 雅房要出租的翻譯 (有興趣出租也可以告知)

      ...a building lately, the room adopts light good, the environment is nice and secluded and clean and neat, having elevator, 24 hr guard, collection garbage, {Set up a building...

    • 幫忙改英文文章 to appreciate the new fashion trend, supermarkets are really bright, neat and nice places. If you get in go to the store market, you can choose what...

    • 穿衣規則英翻中

      ... and expensive party dresses are certainly nice, but they're not the norm in everyday office situations...你的老闆就對了。 2.Keep clothes clean and neat. Often our most comfortable clothes...