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  1. nip in

    • ph.
      插隊; 從旁邊閃入;改窄; 使變窄
    • 釋義
    • ph.
    • 1. 插隊; 從旁邊閃入

      He had to stop when another car nipped in before him. 當另一輛車子超到他前面時, 他只好停車。

    • 2. 改窄; 使變窄

      She asked her mother to nip the dress in at the waist. 她讓母親把那連衣裙的腰部收窄一點。

  2. 知識+

    • 幫我翻譯!

      ... him a nip. 那只貓咬了他一口。 2. 寒冷 There's a nip in the air today. 今天寒風刺骨。 3. 【美】強烈的味道 4. 諷刺 5. 少量 a nip of...

    • 請問為什麼nip/tuck就代表整形醫師呢? using a method called "Nip and Tuck", (nipping and tucking the skin in order to remove excess or wrinkled skin as the result of aging or extreme...

    • 英文題目有點小疑惑 有人可以解答嗎

      ...發飆了 2. Sally didn't take long to nip his idea in the bud. nip sth in the bud 是一個片語 意為將事物於萌芽階段中消滅 中譯: Sally...