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  1. nitrogen dioxide

    • IPA[ˈnītrəjən dīˈäkˌsīd]


    • n.
      a reddish-brown poisonous gas occurring commonly as an air pollutant, formed by the oxidation of nitric oxide or by combustion in the presence of air. Below 70°F (21°C), nitrogen dioxide is a yellowish-brown liquid.
    • noun: nitrogen dioxide

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      ...mean time the solution turns brown as nitric acid decomposes to generate nitrogen dioxide gas.  After copper is completely dissolved, nitrogen dioxide ...

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      ... pollution (船隻污染) 會排放大量的二氧化硫(sulpher dioxide)跟二氧化氮(nitrogen dioxide)污染海洋 或者石油在運輸的時候發生的不幸洩漏意外 野生動物們受到的負面影響...