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  1. no doubt


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    • 1. 無疑地;的確;可能 No doubt I will succeed in the end. 我確信我最終會成功。
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    • 書信修改:There is no doubt...

      ...: First of all, sorry for replying late. There is no doubt that (these days刪除,因為已點出since Valentine’s day) ...

    • A figure that has no doubt 文法

      no doubt 在此是當 adverb 用, 意思是 undoubtedly (毫無疑問的) A figure that has undoubtedly  grown significantly in the years since.

    • I'll bet you?可以這樣用嘛

      一般都是 I bet you 沒有I'll bet you no doubt後面需要加一個句子, There's no doubt that she's cheating...