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  1. no matter

    • ph.
      regardless of;it is of no importance
  2. 知識+

    • 高中英文 what- 跟no matter -

      what - 跟 no matter - [ ex: whatever / no matter what 在用法上...名詞 等等之類的 您問的應是whatever vs. no matter what, 對吧? 疑問詞+ever字尾 = no matter... along with B A no less than B A like/except/but...

    • 英文no matter用法?

      no matter + why/what/who/which/when/where/how ... 這子句如果是在給一個現在或將來有可能發生或如此情況的條件,其動詞會用直說語氣的現在簡單式,如: No matter what he says, don't go. You'll never succed, no matter how hard...

    • no matter?no wonder?

      no matterno wonder 只是形似,應該分開理解。 1. no wonder 難怪。 在句首常常也用... late for work every day. No wonder he got fired. 2. no matter 單獨使用 No matter. = It doesn't matter. 不要緊。 更常用在...