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  1. no more

    • ph.
      nothing further;no further
    • 釋義


    • 1. nothing further
    • 2. no further
    • 3. exist no longer
    • 4. never again
    • 5. neither
  2. 知識+

    • no more & not anymore

      no more 等於 not any more! 所以兩者區別即在此! 例句: I propose that we not love you any more. 或 I propose that we separate since I love you no more. 我提議我們分開,因為我不再愛你。 前者 since 關係子句為“don't”否定語句...

    • 請問no more /anymore/no longer用法

      No more 副詞, 是也不,都不(neither)的意思,是... understand this at all. B: No more can I. (Neither am...是或不在了, 例句: He is no longer living here.他已...

    • no more 和 not anymore

      有一首歌歌名是I just don't love you no more,Craig David唱的 那為什麼do not 和no...情境,你知、我知,其實 I just don't love you no more. 也同樣表示 ---> 我只是不再愛你! 當然以做學生...