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  1. 你是不是要查

    no the slightest
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    no the slight est

    • ph.
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    • 拜託> <快 ..幫我翻譯一下這些英文= ˇ =20點><

      ...left for to rob, this two people You contend for me to rob of, but have no result the slightest, the teacher came! After understanding reason say with ...

    • 英文倒裝翻譯和介紹 sooner, hardly, scarcely, on no account, in no way, by no means, under no circumstances, not on your life, not in the slightest, not by a long shot, least of all, for no reason, ...etc.3. 比較下列各句子: (A...

    • feel不是加形容詞嗎?這裡竟加名詞

      ... cold. 冰摸上去是冷的 加名詞當補語 He felt no shame and no regret. 他不感到羞愧,也不感到遺憾。 You won't feel the slightest pain. 你一點也不會感到痛的。