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    • 旅館的東東

      ...信用卡付款並提供卡號和有效期 4.如未依期住宿將不退還一晚的住宿押金 補充: non-refundable--不能退現 no-show---飯店術語:指預定入住日期,而無故未到,也沒有向...

    • 誰可以幫我把英文翻成中文

      ... and accommodation, including departure and arrival at different places, duration of journey, activities...directly with the service provider. The itinerary can include non-commercial activities. 行程表是旅程從頭到尾的計劃...

    • 急~~!!英文短文 英翻中 中翻英

      ... security deposit? 英翻中!! 1. Job placement will be assigned upon arrival.Hawaii’s starting wage may very from $6-$10 for non tip positions and $2.5 or more plus tips for tip positions...