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  1. non-essentials

    • npl.
      非必需品; 可有可無的細節
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    • 六大類食物的英文文章

      Essential and non-essential amino acids Most meats such as chicken contain all the essential... in terms of essential (an animal cannot produce them) and non-essential (the animal can produce them from other nitrogen containing compounds...

    • 環保一點!的英文

      ...減少使用非必要的瓶瓶罐罐”要怎麼翻呢? We shall stop the use of non-essential packaging or containers! Or Let's not over...

    • (急) 英文 求整篇文章正確翻譯

      ...文章英翻中 Automatic cut-out device A device for cutting out non-essential loads in a generator and battery-fed electric plant includes a voltage...