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  1. non-functioning

    • adj.
      not working or operating properly
    • 釋義


    • 1. not working or operating properly there were problems with non-functioning lifts
  2. 知識+

    • 鑰匙中的non key retaining是什麼意思?

      Key Retaining = 使鑰匙固定住 Non-Key Retaining Lock Function = 無使鑰匙固定鎖的功能

    • 2-D echo 結論是在說什麼阿??

      ...size : Dilation of LA 心臟大小: 左心房擴大 Thickening : Non 肥厚(變厚): 沒有 Pericardial effusion : None 心胞膜積水: 沒有 RV systolic function : Normal 右心室收縮功能: 正常 LV systolic function : Normal...

    • 什麼是RLIP??? Philips提出!?

      .... The proxy used in the model, is defined as a non-linear function (f2) of the maximum shipment rate and the desired shipment rate. RLIP=f2...