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  1. none

    • IPA[nʌn]



    • pron.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 全無 we saw several flats, but none we really liked 我們看了幾處公寓,可是沒有我們真正喜歡的 she thought a bad husband was worse than none at all 她認為一個壞丈夫比沒有丈夫還要糟
    • 2. 甚麼也沒有 there's none left 甚麼也沒有留下 some money is better than none 有點兒錢總比沒有好
    • 3. 沒有人 as a lawyer, he's second to none 作為律師,他是最棒的 there's none so clever/old as Jane 沒有人像簡那樣聰明/老
    • 4. in the box headed ‘dependants’ he wrote ‘none’ 在“供養家屬”一欄裡,他寫上了“無”


    • 1. 毫不 the play is long, but none the worse for that 這部戲雖然很長,但一點也不差


    1. not any

    2. no person; no one


    「1. not any」的反義字

    「2. no person; no one」的反義字

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    • none nothing的區別 高考題

      none = not one of a group of people, or things or no amount of something 所以當代名詞... thought there was some coffee in the cupboard, but there's none there. None of his friends lives nearby. None...

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