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    none too

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    • 請教none too跟not~more or less的用法

      ...: Everyone is gone after class. Tom: None of them stay in clasroom in my class, too. (EVERYONE and THEM here stand for "STUDENT"...

    • 幫忙造一下英文句子

      ...None would come. 沒人會來。 ‧當" 形容詞 "時 →Sam did it none too quickly. 山姆做得意點也不快。 5. reassure (v.) →The police reassured...

    • 幫忙找一篇英文文章

      ...假如無論是敵是友不能傷害到你; If all men count with you, but none too much, 如果所有人都指望你,但沒有太多, If you can fill the unforgiving...