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  1. nonvolatile

    • 不揮發的
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    • 電機類英文翻譯問題..謝謝..

      ... are basically embedded computers with removable, writable nonvolatile, storage, and interesting I/O devices. --->基本上,數位...

    • AT89S52的 datasheet 翻譯~

      ... the program memory to by reprogrammed in-system or by a conventional nonvolatile memory programmable. 晶載快閃記憶體允許程式記憶體,可由直接在系統...

    • AT89S52的 datasheet 翻譯~~

      ...句: the device is manfactured using Atmal's high-density nonvolatile menory technology and is compatible with the industry standard 8051 instruction set...