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  1. normal school


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    • 動詞使用看不太懂

      ...create a disturbance, interfere with classroom instruction, anddisrupt normal school operation. ( 中譯: 他們/牠們/它們製造干擾, 妨礙教室...是動詞 ) Mary, John, and I go to school together. ( 都是名詞 ) Which do you want, a hamburger...

    • 請問關於台灣師範大學的英文名稱

      Normal 學術用語有"正規的"之意 英文一般"師範學校稱以 "Normal School" (通常為兩年制) 故師範大學採其意 為 Normal University 正規 及 師範 確有同工之妙

    • 幫我翻譯英文自我介紹!很急><拜託!

      ...have a chance to show my talents, and this has little to do with normal school curriculum, I maintained great interest and feel joyful whenever I have...